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KJSEmbed Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
KJSEmbed::Bindings::JSBindingPluginInterface for KJSBindings that can be added as plugins
KJSEmbed::JSBuiltInContainer class for the built-in objects of KJSEmbed
KJSEmbed::JSConsoleWidgetA QWidget that provides a console for executing Javascript commands
KJSEmbed::JSFactoryFactory class for KJSEmbed
KSimpleProcessVery simple class that allows one to run a command and get the standard output back as a string value
KJSEmbed::JSObjectProxyA JS object that provides a binding to a QObject
KJSEmbed::JSOpaqueProxyProvides a binding to an opaque pointer value
KJSEmbed::KJSEmbedPartA KPart for embedding KJS in an application
KJSEmbed::JSProxyBase class for all proxy objects
KJSEmbed::JSProxy::MethodTableStructure to store information about a method
KJSEmbed::JSSecurityPolicyImplements the default security policy
KJSEmbed::JSValueProxyProvides a binding to an opaque value

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