KJSEmbed Examples

This directory contains a number of example files that illustrate the various features of KJSEmbed.


This section contains examples that show how the features of KJSEmbed can be combined to create useful tools.

ButtonMaker An application for creating buttons for web sites.
EnvelopeMaker An application for creating printed envelopes.
xmlgui Creates a complete KDE GUI shell using XMLGUI and KStdAction.
readonlypart A simple web browser that embeds KHTMLPart.
readwritepart Shows how to embed a read-write KPart.
calc A simple calculator application.
grepdialog Loads .ui files to provide a GUI for grep.
docviewer KJSEmbed documentation browser.
SAX Demos that show how to use the SAX API from JS.
DCOP Using DCOP from scripts.
Command Line An interactive command-line prompt for KJSEmbed implemented as a script.

Advanced Demos

This section contains examples that illustrate some of the more advanced features of KJSEmbed.

htmlinfo Reports information about an HTML file.
imageinfo Various scripts using the Image builtin object.
html2text Uses the KParts::Plugin to extend KWrite.
eventhandling Two demos that show off event handling, including the standard scribble demo.
SQL Support Accessing SQL databases.


This section contains examples that illustrate particular KJSEmbed facilities.

customwidget Creates a simple form directly from Javascript.
treeview Two examples that create a graphical tree. One from a JS data structure, the other from the widget tree of a ui file.
qobject-dom Illustrates the QObject DOM API.
connect-cpp Connects a signal to slot.
connect Connects signals of various types to JS methods.
imageviewer Illustrates the use of QPixmap values.
netaccess Illustrates the bindings to KIO::NetAccess.
listview Creates a simple KListView.
frame Shows off QFrame support and the use of enums.
timer Creates a flashing LED using QTimer.
Actions A simple KAction demo.
Built-In Messages Demonstrates the built-in message dialogs.
Image Tweak Tweaking images.
Image Fun More fun with images
Space Invaders A space invaders game.
JS UIC An easy way to deal with UI files.
Multi-file Scripts Multi-file Scripts.
Opaque Values Opaque types.
Standard Icons Loading standard icons.
QComboBox A simple demo of QComboBox.
Embedding several KParts Shows how to embed multiple parts in the same script.
Writing data directly to a KPart Shows how to send data directly to a part, rather than viewing a file.