QXServlet - A Servlet Extension for Qt


Status Chart

This chart shows the status of the individual classes that make up the servlet API.

Generic Servlets HTTP Servlets Servlet Servers
QServlet QHttpServlet QHttpServer
QServletRequest QHttpServletRequest QHttpServletRunner
QServletResponse QHttpServletResponse DocWriter
QServletConfig QHttpSession EchoServlet
QServletContext QCookie FileServlet
QGenericServlet QHttpUtils InfoServlet
QRequestDispatcher QHttpSessionContext QIODeviceFilter

Key   Completed
  Partially Complete
  Needs Work
italics Not Started


The QXServlet extension provides an easy to use way to write extensions for web servers based on Java Servlets. The servlet API provides an abstraction that makes it easy to write extensions, and it is designed to be server and platform independent. The QXServlet API is a C++/Qt mapping of the Java API, so the existing Java documentation is directly applicable.

Currently QXServlet implements large parts of the 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 servlet APIs, but supports none of them completely. This should change rapidly as there is only a small amount of work remaining.

Ultimately I hope to write a module for Apache that will allow it to use Qt servlets directly, but at the moment the only implementation of the API is the standalone web server included with the extension.


The QXServlet API is currently a work in progress, and while enough of the implementation is in place for simple servlets to operate, there is still a lot of work to do.

Currently TODO

Command Line Tools