KJSEmbed Documentation


The KJSEmbed library is an easy-to-use wrapper around the KDE ECMAScript interpreter (kjs) that makes it easy to add scriptability to an application. The kjsembed library is distributed in the kdebindings module of KDE. This library provides a binding between Qt/KDE applications and KJS. As well as working in its native KDE environment, the library supports a Qt-only build that has no KDE dependencies.

Discussion Forums

There is now a KJSEmbed mailing list, see http://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kjsembed for more information about the list. In addition to the mailing list, KJSEmbed is discussed on the #kaxul IRC channel (on the freenode IRC network).

Learning KJSEmbed

An introduction to KJSEmbed. The example scripts demonstrate the use of all the major objects, and even provides some useful tools. The tutorial provides a basic introduction to using KJSEmbed, though it is a little out of date.

Reference Information

A reference manual for both the C++ and Javascript APIs defined by KJSEmbed. The C++ API is of interest to developers looking to adding scripting to support to their applications, the JS API is for people who want to write scripts.

JavaScript API

Host API