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QXServlet Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DebugA basic logging API
DocWriterUtility class for writing structured documents
EchoServletA servlet that echos the incoming HTTP request
FileServletA servlet that can serve files
InfoServletA servlet that infos the incoming HTTP request
QCookieRepresents an HTTP cookie
QGenericServletGeneric base class for servlets
QHttpServerSimple HTTP server for running servlets
QHttpServletThe base class of all HTTP servlets
QHttpServletRequestAn HTTP servlet request
QHttpServletResponseAn HTTP servlet response
QHttpServletRunnerThis class manages the interface between the HTTP server and the servlets
QHttpSessionStores data about a session
QHttpSessionBindingEventAn event sent when a QHttpSession is bound or unbound
QHttpSessionBindingListenerAn interface implemented by classes that want to know when sessions are bound or unbound
QHttpSessionContextProvides access to all sessions that are currently active
QHttpUtilsUtilities for dealing with HTTP
QIODeviceFilterA base class for classes that filter the content of a QIODevice
QIOMacroFilterA filter that expands simple macros
QRequestDispatcherAllows one servlet to delegate all or some of its processing to another
QServletAbstract base class of all servlets
QServletConfigProvides access to server defined configuration information
QServletContextAllows a servlet to interact with the host server
QServletRequestAbstract base class of all servlet requests
QServletResponseAbstract base class of all servlet responses

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