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QServletRequest Class Reference

Abstract base class of all servlet requests. More...

#include <qservletrequest.h>

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QHttpServletRequest List of all members.

Public Methods

 QServletRequest ()
virtual ~QServletRequest ()
QString characterEncoding () const
void setCharacterEncoding (const QString &enc)
long contentLength () const
void setContentLength (long len)
QString contentType () const
void setContentType (const QString &mime)
virtual QIODevice * inputDevice ()
virtual QTextStream * inputStream ()
QString parameter (const QString &name)
QStringList parameterNames ()
QString protocol ()
void setProtocol (const QString &protocol)
QString remoteAddress () const
void setRemoteAddress (const QString &addr)
QString remoteHost () const
void setRemoteHost (const QString &host)
QString serverName () const
void setServerName (const QString &name)
int serverPort () const
void setServerPort (int port)

Detailed Description

Abstract base class of all servlet requests.

Richard Moore,

Definition at line 18 of file qservletrequest.h.

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